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Winner of the Best Dinner Theater in NH for 2008.

What is Interactive Mystery Dinner Theater?
Unlike a traditional night of theater where you watch a story unfold on a stage before you, Interactive Mystery Dinner Theater actually incorporates you into the action while you dine. This means the actors will move among you, have conversations with you and in some cases even make you part of the action. Have shy guys and gals in your party? No problem. Just let us know who they are and we’ll make sure that these guests will remain anonymous and well-fed observers.


To book your own night of
Mayhem & Murder call

(603) 320-1431

With enough notice we can accommodate any requested performance date!


How do people use
interactive mysteries?

Interactive Mystery Dinner Theater is frequently used as entertainment during fundraisers and other private events like bachelor/bachelorette parties, milestone anniversaries and birthday celebrations. And because we’ve assembled a group of incredibly funny and creative people, we’re also able to adapt our mysteries to fit the theme of any corporate event - such as sales meetings, award banquets, and holiday parties. So, how you choose to use an interactive mystery is completely up to you!

Hint: Be on the lookout
Every now & then, a rogue character has been
known to even sample a dessert or two!

Just how engaging are the mysteries?
The last thing our actors want is to see your guests yawning in their seats. So to protect against the “boredom factor”, as well as preserve our actors’ fragile egos, our producers carefully select comedic scripts that are not only sensitive to the nature of our audiences, but will bring our actors the accolades they love to write home about. And for good measure, we even throw live music into the mix.

Now, just because most of our mysteries can be described as PG-rated entertainment, that doesn’t mean that we don’t keep you and your guests on your toes until the very end. In fact, we go that extra mile to keep you interested in the action by selecting crimes that typically only 10% of our audience members are able to solve correctly.

Just how long does it take to solve a murder?

Designed to provide entertainment throughout an entire 3-course meal, our average dinner program lasts 3 hours. However, we can easily customize our program to accommodate events of varying lengths and are able to adapt to alternate meal plans (no 's" on meals) such as an evening with a buffet, appetizers, or just desserts.

Hint: Expect the unexpected
With all the improv talent we’ve assembled,
sometimes even we aren’t able to foresee what’s coming next!

Have crime, will travel?
Yes, we travel to just about anywhere. Hotels, restaurants, and private homes - it doesn’t matter as long as the space is large enough to accommodate your guests, our cast & crew, and has electrical outlets available for our use.

How many people does it take to run a murder?
Our cast & crew requirements are dictated by the script and vary according to the style of the program. In addition to our talented musical accompanist, a typical show requires 5 to 9 actors based on the number of guests in attendance. And regardless of how many actors are used, at least 1 producer and 1 stage manager is always present to ensure the performance runs smoothly.

Hint: Bring Your Tissues
Comedy this good brings even the most somber among us to tears!

Okay, I’m sold! What’s my next step?
If hosting an evening of crime is just what your next event begs for, all that’s left to do is figure out which mystery you’d like performed and lock in your performance date. And with enough notice, and the occasional edible bribe, we are able to accommodate just about any performance date.

To book your own night of Mayhem & Murder call (603) 320-1431!
With enough notice we can accommodate any performance date!

Mayhem & Murder Productions
77 Derry St. Suite 13 #31 ~ Hudson, NH 03051


...Very funny musicals and the singing was terrific... The interaction between the audience and these talented actors was great fun. Highly recommended!”
- Susan LeVan & Jeffrey Beland

“I can't remember how long the standing ovation was, but it was only outperformed by the line of registrants who insisted on telling me how wrong they were (as much as they hated to admit it)...the murder mystery production was absolutely the perfect end to a wonderful day.”
- Marcia G. Patrisso, United States District Court

"...innovative, fun and interactive. The piano accompaniment gives it that extra touch nobody else does...There is nothing like it in the area."
- Jim Naugler, Owner of Del Vaudo's Restaurant

"...so funny and enjoyable. Any show with a song called "shutup-a-you-face" has to be commended for originality. We’ll definitely come again."
- N. Marcoux, Nashua

"...easily the best Christmas Party I've ever been to. You guys are amazing! I felt like I was really part of an insane, but hilarious murder investigation. And my wife so wanted a chance to touch Bruce Bond's gun..."
- Larry, Yankee Equipment Company

"I think the moose was my favorite part...I really enjoyed all of the interactions I had with the actors. It truly made me feel like I was part of this hysterical show."
- S. Harding, Nashua

"What a great evening! The action was nonstop...I nearly fell off my chair laughing. I have been to several of your previous mystery dinners and never been disappointed."
- Helen Wilson, Amherst

About Mayhem & Murder
Mayhem & Murder Productions is dedicated to providing a unique dinner theatre experience for every client: if you're having fun; we're doing our job. Our audiences get the chance to enjoy live music, laugh with friends or colleagues, as well as solve a hilarious murder mystery. We are the total package!

The founders of Mayhem & Murder, having been active in traditional theater for decades, and having spent over ten years around Improvisational Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, bring these two worlds together to create an exceptional entertainment experience.

With our extraordinarily gifted directors, stage managers, costumers and piano players, plus the most talented cast of improvisational actors in New England, we will provide the event you've been searching for. Call us and let us prove it to you.